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Less than a year after our start, we have already hit the headlines in NATURE News, launched a policy brief on the international stage and will soon be speaking at the UNESCO Headquarters. Quite the few months! Hear all about our hard work bringing ethics to the fore. 

Quick links:

Project updates and news 

FDA Benchmarking

South Korean partner Prof. Ock-Joo Kim and her team were benchmarking research in the US on behalf of the Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety and the Korean Academy of Medical Sciences. They interviewed key figures governing human participation in research.

Legal analysis of unexpected crises  

Our legal researchers have been hard at work analysing the human rights, regulatory and legal challenges of COVID-19 lockdowns and other sudden crises. 


Insider Interviews

To gain insider perspectives on the challenges of COVID‐19 to research, ICLAIM held conversations with the research community in Cyprus on gender, social justice and human rights issues. Conversations were informal to bridge the expert – interviewee power gap.

Knowledge exchanges  

Prof. Stephanie Laulhe Shaelou met with students and support officers at the UN's UNITAR and the University of Peace, discussing threats to rule of law in crises. The exchange highlighted the importance of a global framework for research ethics and integrity to accelerate crisis responses.

PREPARED at the National Ethics Councils Forum 

Prof. Doris Schroeder, project co-ordinator, presented on PREPARED's work on accelerating research during global crisis without cutting ethics corners at the Forum of National Ethics Forum in Stockholm.


PREPARED team member Joyce Adhiambo received the FIERCE award from the Kenyan chapter of the International Community of Women living with HIV, in recognition of her activism that challenges stigma and empowers HIV positive patients. 

Ethics in Policy: A G21 with the African Union

Last month we launched our first ethics-based policy brief arguing why a permanent seat for the African Union in the G20 upholds fairness, respect, honesty and care. 

We have seen fantastic success and enthusiasm for the movement, and the brief has sparked conversations and debates with student groups, journalists and thinktanks across the world. Here's where our brief has popped up already:

A training in the International Labour Organisation, with Master’s students, roleplaying as countries at the negotiation table debating a G21

A roundtable with African diaspora students in Washington DC, discussing the brief at the NAFSA leadership conference

Coverage by Nature news!


Bringing Ethics into Policy-Making: Join the PREPARED team at UNESCO

7 June, Paris, online

Meet the PREPARED team live at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris! Join us at an online session where our expert colleagues discuss how researchers can influence policy by  bringing an ethics dimension to political decisions. We will start with an animation of our ethics brief to give the African Union a permanent seat at the G20.

What we're reading

On the PREPARED blog...

  • In our most popular blog to date, Dr Ivan Vyshnyvetskyy, President of the Ukrainian Association for Clinical Research, describes how Ukrainian science, and its burgeoning medical research, is adapting to life in war
  • Researchers at EUREC identify how each link in the research chain was changed by COVID-19, and what they need for a safer future. 
  • Dr Vygintas Aliukonis explores whether clinical trials should take place in military conflict zones. 

In the literature...

“Values in times of crisis : strategic crisis management in the EU” by the European Group on Ethics in Science and New Technologies 

 "What counts as evidence for policy? An analysis of policy actors' perceptions" by Eleanor MacKillop and James Downe in Public Administration Review

"Managing cancer patients during the COVID-19 pandemic: an ESMO multidisciplinary expert consensus" by Giuseppe Curigliano et al. in Annals of Oncology

Food for thought...

"The focus on misinformation leads to a profound misunderstanding of why people believe and act on bad information" by Daniel Williams in the LSE Impact blog

"How to create effective and inclusive early warnings: 11 recommendations from research" by Vladislav Kovalevski for the Global Disaster Preparedness Centre 

The Ubuntu Health Impact Fund: A proposed incentive for pharmaceutical firms to manufacture pharmaceuticals in Africa at or below the lowest commercial price.

"Africa’s Most Sophisticated Biomedical Research Centre Opens in South Africa" by Kerry Cullinan for Health Policy Watch

Call for submissions!

The journal Research Ethics, guest edited by our own Dr Kate Chatfield and Dr Hazel Partington, is taking submission for a special issue on the theme: "Preparing for the next disaster: Research ethics and integrity matters in crisis situations". See the potential topics for submission here. Deadline is 30th November 2023.

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